Our Mission
Our success is measured solely on our ability to deliver quality loan volume and servicing to our Bank members and relevant and attractive financing solutions to our Borrowers.
  • Quality commercial loan volume generation
  • One stop shop - from loan application to loan servicing
  • Portfolio Management and Liquidity
  • Access to Regional Markets
  • Access to other services (Networking)
  • Forums & Workshops
We Choose the Thistle
for our name and emblem as the Thistle thrives in challenging environments. The Thistle flower demonstrates the great beauty that can result from what others may view as humble soil. We believe in our mission, our region, its people, creativity, and future success.
  • Custom financing solutions
  • Flexible / creative loan structure
  • Reasonable & Controlled Costs
  • Network diversity provides greater options
  • Specialized Development, Construction, Renovation Services