About Us
Thistle was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced commercial lenders who saw the opportunity to address quality market demand for financing more efficiently through syndication than from a single bank perspective. The syndication process not only enables Bank network members the ability to compete for larger loans and add quality loan assets, but also gives Borrowers a greater choice in selection of loan terms.

Thistle is the syndicating agent for its network of member banks and functions as a commercial loan originator and servicor covering a four state (PA, OH, WV, & MD) regional market.

The combined lending limits of Thistle’s Banks provide the capacity for larger projects. We specialize in construction, development and transitional financing, but also provide term funding. Thistle’s terms typically include both floating and fixed rate options.

Thistle Financial Group, LLC has established a network of over 24 community banks. Simply put, Thistle develops, underwrites, analyses, and subscribes commercial loans (primarily real estate) for its member banks. Loans subscribed by our Bank members are closed and serviced by Thistle providing the borrower with a single point of contact from start to finish. Many of our Bank members view us as a Loan Production Office enabling them to collectively entertain loan opportunities on a pro-rata basis that would otherwise exceed their lending limitations and also to expand their market coverage to a “regional” basis.

Thistle has closed over $400 million of commercial loan production while delivering a market return to its banks. Thistle has established strong relations with numerous borrowers based on consistent performance and efficient and cost effective delivery of pertinent financing solutions. The core of our success is our ability to listen, understand and incorporate relevant borrower needs into sound financial solutions. Thistle has demonstrated on numerous occasions its ability to deliver out of the box financing where other traditional lenders have failed. Through our diversity of members and their respective loan appetites and concentrations, we can often subscribe loans a single large bank could not. We know our market and are mindful of the need to differentiate our loans from the larger banks and capital market providers. Give us a call for your financing needs and discover the Thistle difference.

Additional Info
For more information about Thistle Financial Group, please call us at 724 805 0155